Administrative support

Streamlining Strata Operations with Expert Administrative Assistance

At SAVAA Strata, we understand the significance of efficient administrative support in ensuring the smooth operation of your strata community. Our team of skilled professionals offers comprehensive administrative services, handling a range of administrative tasks to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and support your strata committee in managing day-to-day operations

How our admin serves your strata

Efficient Management

Financial Transparency

Simplified Processes

Enhanced client experience

How we do it

Meeting Organization and Documentation

Our administrative support services encompass organizing and coordinating strata meetings with precision. We schedule annual general meetings (AGMs) and extraordinary general meetings (EGMs) in compliance with legal requirements. Additionally, we maintain accurate documentation of meeting minutes, agendas, and notices to keep all residents informed.

Financial Record Maintenance

Accurate and up-to-date financial records are crucial for financial transparency and decision-making. Our team takes charge of maintaining financial records, including receipts, invoices, and expense reports, ensuring meticulous bookkeeping and efficient tracking of financial transactions.

Effective Communication Management

Clear and timely communication is essential for effective community engagement. We manage communication platforms, ensuring that residents receive community updates, event notifications, and important announcements regularly. Our team facilitates two-way communication, addressing resident inquiries and feedback promptly.

Insurance and Documentation Assistance

Navigating insurance policies and documentation can be complex, but our administrative support simplifies the process. We assist in gathering necessary documentation for insurance purposes, ensuring that your property remains well-covered against potential risks.


Experience the SAVAA difference

When you choose SAVAA Strata, you're choosing a professional partnership that goes beyond expectations. Experience the difference with our customized solutions, transparent communication, and personalized attention to every aspect of your strata community.

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