Guide to Common Property

Need help navigating the rules of common property?

Common property is any part of a strata scheme that is owned jointly by all of the owners in the scheme. This includes areas such as driveways, gardens, foyers, stairwells, lifts, and swimming pools. Common property can also include items such as pipes, ducts, and wiring that service more than one lot.

Who is responsible for maintenance?

In most strata schemes, the owners corporation is responsible for the maintenance of common property. This means that the owners corporation is responsible for hiring contractors to carry out repairs and maintenance, and for paying for those repairs and maintenance.

How do I learn more?

You can find out more about common property by reviewing the strata plan and by-laws for your scheme. You can also contact our strata managers or committee secretary for more information.

You can also get more information via our PDF guide…
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